found your place 2Welcome to Pencil Skirts and Pinstripe Shirts!

As women in the business world, we have a lot going on.

Building our profile, leading teams, learning new skills, networking and connecting…all of that has to happen ALONGSIDE your day to day work!

Juggling personal commitments makes life even busier.

I’m here to help.

Pencil Skirts and Pinstripe Shirts is full of articles, blogs and, coming soon, video blogs, designed to give you exactly what you need to create a career and life full of success, meaning and joy. Let’s be honest,  it won’t always be easy, but when you have the knowledge, tools and support to help you, it can become a reality.

This blog is for YOU – so If there’s any topic related to career and life that you’d love me to cover, yell out and let me know!

Meantime, enjoy reading the blogs, and welcome!

I’m grateful to be able to share my own dreams and passion for working with women like you, here through Pencil Skirts and Pinstripe Shirts.

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