Your true purposeDon’t agonise over your life’s purpose. Choose a purpose and live it – now. Searching for it will only waste the precious time you could be spending living it, instead.

Millions of books, thousands of videos, countless articles. That’s what you’ll find when you google “life purpose”. From religious ideals to radical career changes, searching for one’s true purpose is something many of us feel compelled, to a greater or lesser degree, to pursue.

“What if I get it wrong?” “What if it eludes me forever?” “What if I’m not meant for anything better than this?”

The questions we ask around purpose often leave us feeling inadequate and unsatisfied.

What if you asked yourself a better question? What if you asked “what is the purpose of my life, right now, in this moment?” Would your answer come more easily? Would the answer be simpler, less complex, perhaps dare I say it, more mundane and achievable?

I believe we have a series of purposes to fulfill in our lifetime. Not just one. That means at different stages in your life, your purpose might also be different. Sometimes its might be more of a personal, inward purpose, such as getting a good education to give you more choices. Other times it might be a more altruistic, external purpose, such as following a career in not-for-profit.

There is so much written about living in the moment.  Let’s take that concept and apply it to creating more meaning in your every-day life by knowing that you are living your true purpose, as it is meant to be right now, every day.


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