Your Personal Work Revolution Blog 20.01.15Portfolio careers. Suitcase entrepreneurs. Consulting. Flexible working. Virtual Assistants. How we approach work in 2015 and beyond is in a state of evolution, and some would say revolution.

The once linear career now takes several side-steps, back-steps and sometimes leaps in the course of our lifetime. Companies like Zappos, Google and Mindvalley lead the way in offering working arrangements that match the digital age. Many other companies are trying to follow their lead.

The real question I want to ask though is this: are YOU ready, as an employee (or as your own boss) to embrace your own personal work revolution?

Last year I worked with a senior Learning and Development professional who was fast heading towards burn out. She had a stressful role, coupled with a long daily commute. She really wanted to negotiate working from home but didn’t think it would be possible.

Together we worked out a strategy to pitch her boss to allow her to work from home one day a week. It was accepted immediately. Within a few months she was working from home two days a week. The quality of her life literally changed overnight. All because she worked out what would make her more productive, and happier, and went for it.

Do you know how you would like to revolutionise your own working environment or conditions?

The first step is to work out what you want, THEN you can think about a strategy on how you are going to get there. Just as a long commute wasn’t good for my client, working from home equally may not be good for some of you.

You need to commit to working out what you want, then going after it. Because if you don’t, I can pretty much guarantee it’s not going to be handed to you on a plate.

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