Your mask firstNext time you fly, listen carefully to the safety demonstration. They always tell you to fit your own oxygen mark first. To thrive in your career and life, and to be able to give fully to others, you must look after yourself first.

I’ve lost track of the number of clients and friends who have told me over the years that they feel as though their lives are “out of control” busy.

It’s easy to trivialize it – we talk about how we now wear busy “as a badge”. Yet with so many women and men often managing competing priorities of family, career, friends, fitness and recreation, and goodness knows what else, it’s clear that proper, re-energising, soul-nurturing “down-time” is fast becoming seen as an unjustifiable indulgence in many people’s lives.

Every day we make choices.

“I’ll start back at the gym when the kids go back to school”.

“As soon as this busy period is over, I’ll get back to a healthy diet”.

“I’ll stop drinking as much, after [insert relevant event here]”.

It’s up to you to make the choices that will nurture and sustain you.  We procrastinate over and under-prioritise key actions and rituals that contribute to our ability to be happy, healthy and prosperous. We use every excuse in the book to prioritise others, and other things, over our health and wellness, be that physical or emotional.

It’s time to write a new rule book. Write the rules that will help you thrive in your career and your life. And realise that personal sacrifice for pure professional gain is NOT a long-term viable or sustainable solution.

What I’m saying here is not new, it’s certainly not rocket science, and it’s probably something you have told yourself, many times over. But it’s time to LISTEN and ACT. Without a healthy body and mind, nothing you are striving for today will mean anything in the future.
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