colourful windmillEmbrace your weird. Love your quirky. Tell your full story. There is enough blandness in the world. Bring back the colour in your corporate life. 

School Dreams

As a girl growing up in Scotland, Enid Blyton was my favourite author. I devoured her books particularly the “St Clare’s” series, stories of the adventures of twin sisters set in a girls’ boarding school.

I adored reading the stories of the lives of twins Pat and Isobel O’Sullivan, and everything they got up to. Their personalities shone through in the books, and I created a world in my head, in which I lived with them, and we had midnight feasts together on a regular basis.

It Shouldn’t Be Legal

Most of my working life, for my sins, I have worked in, for and with the legal industry. On the whole, it’s highly respectable: full of intelligent, smart and esteemed people. And while it suffers from many cultural issues, not least it’s lack of diversity, it contains (and I have met many of) it’s fair share of colourful characters.

Not all of them were likeable. Not all of them were in fact liked. Many were hated. Many were feared. Most were misunderstood.

Yet, of the thousands of lawyers I have met over the years, in the highly competitive industry that they operate in, it’s undoubtedly those with the more unusual traits or big personalities that have stood out and that I remember.

I Want To Tell You A Story

I’m currently working with a number of clients across many industries who have powerful, unusual and compelling stories to tell.  From a tough life in the country to harrowing tales of migration, every experience we have makes us what we are. Even if you don’t have a tale of hardship or extraordinary courage to tell, no one else has lived the life you have. No one else has seen the world through your eyes.  No one else can tell your story and sell it as well as you can.

It’s time to stop hiding behind the cloak of sameness. If you’re weird, admit it. If you’re quirky, use it. If you had the most normal upbringing possible on earth, that too has had an immense bearing on who you are now, and the way that you do things at work, and in your personal life.Your upbringing has shaped you.  Your life has moulded you. Together they give you a story to tell that is unique to you. And people want to hear it.

Be proud of your story. In the corporate world of black and white, it’s your personal story that provides the colour that will draw people to you.  Learn how to use it to your advantage and watch the opportunities unfold before your eyes. tweet this

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