changing the game

If you don’t know what the game is, or you decide not to play, you can never expect to win. The career game has changed. Are you in, or out? 

At University I lost track of the number of 21st birthday parties I went to. Many were pretty lavish affairs – fancy hotels, free bars, kilts galore.There’s one I’ll never forget though, thanks to being thrown over a friend’s shoulder, in a fireman lift, and promptly dropped on the shiny, hard wooden floor.Countless dentist appointments and thousands of dollars later, I still have a dodgy front tooth to remind me of the party and my friend (thanks Miles).Unfortunately, the incident also coincided with the interview period for graduate legal jobs. I had an interview lined up with one of the most prestigious firms in Glasgow, and there was no way I was missing it, tooth or, as the case was, no tooth.Somehow I managed to pull off a “story” about losing the tooth in a skiing accident. * I nearly came undone though when another girl from my class, who unlike me actually was an avid skier, told me the same interviewer had asked about my ski-ing accident and she had gaily replied “Oh goodness no, Fiona’s not a skier!” Cue tumbleweed.Miraculously I got the job.

Now imagine my story was set in 2014. With social media it would have been so much easier to check my story through my profiles. One errant Facebook update and I’d have been found out, and the job would have gone to someone else!

The truth is that due to social media and other factors the career game has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, and if you’re not ahead of, or at least in the game, you’ll be left behind.

Consider this:

  • Most statistics point to over 70% of available roles never being advertised.
  • Linkedin has over 300 million users worldwide (with reported numbers of over 3 million users in Australia).
  • Most recruiters (external agencies and internal recruiters) use Linkedin as a recruitment database.
  • Studies show the average tenure in a position is 4 years, however for Millenials this is shown to be more like 2-3 years.
Why am I telling you all this? To highlight that what got you where you are right now, won’t get you to where you want to be in the future. Career progression is no longer a linear path. Professional and personal profiles are becoming increasingly interconnected – and who you know is more important than ever. All of these factors mean you have to play the career (and business) game differently. Career management is now synonymous with profile building, and reputation management.
The days of hiding in the wings hoping you get noticed are over. My question to you is this: what are you going to do to step out of the wings and find your own spotlight?
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*I don’t advocate telling porky pies in an interview, unless of course like me you lost a tooth on a drunken night out, in which case, honesty may not the best policy (and you’d better check your Facebook profile for incriminating shots!).