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About Fiona Craig – Your Keynote Speaker

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Fiona made Australia her home in 1999, having left Scotland to pursue her legal career in Sydney.

After 5 years practising law with Scottish firm McGrigors and Clayton Utz in Australia, Fiona then spent10 years working for 2 of the leading legal recruitment consultancies in Australia, where she had the privilege of assisting hundreds of lawyers realise their career dreams in Australia and all over the world, and of working with leading global law firms and companies to help them recruit and retain the best lawyers.

Her experience as a legal recruiter gave her incredible insight into the issues faced by professionals throughout their career, as well as the issues faced by the organisations she recruited for.

Fiona now uses all of this experience and her coaching qualifications to help individuals and the organisations they work for achieve greater performance, fulfilment and balance in their careers.

She is passionate about creating highly practical, pragmatic and flexible programs that help her clients achieve all of these things, and her approach is woven through everything she does.

Fiona delivers practical, engaging and easy to follow keynotes, breakfast seminars, workshops and coaching and mentoring programs, and is committed to bringing her audience the latest and most relevant content.

In her presentations, Fiona brings together the learnings from her experiences of working in and with the professional services industry in two countries for over 17 years. She is known for her warmth and compassion which combines beautifully with her sharp Scottish wit, and is delighted  to share her “Scozzie” accent with everyone!

Fiona has an LLB (Hons), a Diploma in Coaching and is a Master Qualified NLP Practitioner.

What You Can Expect From Fiona

  • Entertaining, engaging and relevant content
  • Well researched and prepared content specific to your needs
  • No death by powerpoint!
  • Challenging, thought-provoking experiences
  • Professional, original and individually tailored presentations
  • A wonderful Scottish lilt that will entrance the audience!

Keynote and Conference Presentation Topics

 30-90 MINS

You Are An Expert (now act like one) (Motivating)

Lawyers are ten a penny. Accountants are everywhere. Financial Advisors are on every street corner! So how do you stand out in the increasingly crowded professional services market in Australia?

It’s time to stand up and be proud of the expert that you are, and to tell the world what you have to offer. It’s time to stand apart from the crowd and attract only the type of clients you want to work with.

Explore the simple strategies of those who act like experts, and learn how to use these strategies in your practice straight away for maximum effect.

An engaging and motivating topic that will have you running for the door to write your first bestseller!

How To Be The Mentor You Never Had (Inspiring)

Richard Branson had one.  Martin Luther King did too. And where would Luke Skywalker have been without his?

We have mentors in all different stages and areas of our life. And yet in a professional capacity it’s one thing many people they are lacking. A mentor.  A champion.  A guide.  Whether you were one of the lucky ones and have had the benefit of being mentored during the career, or you always wished you had someone to back your corner, this session will guarantee that you take away practical strategies to help you become a valuable and successful mentor to those in your life who need it.

How to Be a First Class Firm (Revitalising)

You know that to really move your firm and your practice to the next level you should be out there developing your business. But you have so much work to do you can’t see the wood for the trees! And your associates are good, but if they were more productive it would allow you the time to get out there and bring in more business.  And sometimes it feels as though they are completely checked out of the game and only doing it for the paycheck at the end of the month anyway.

This session will help you move from doing the work, to bringing in the work. Through proven strategies you will learn how to re-engage your associates with the result they will be more productive, freeing you up to do the important job of business development.

Talking the Same Language (Educational)

If you feel that you and your employees/colleagues/clients often seem to be talking a different language, this seminar will prove that you really are, and demystify why.

This is people-reading at its simplest and most powerful. This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to communicate fully and with a positive outcome with anyone you come into contact with.  Use these skills to develop your business relationships and build your team cohesion.  And it may even help with your husband or wife!

Thinking Beyond Career (How to Create a Legacy)

Remember those lofty ideals you had in University? How you were going to change the world and change lives?  Somewhere between then and now your idealism got eroded, by years of filling out timesheets and dealing with difficult clients, and sometimes even more difficult colleagues.

Then there are the responsibilities that come with age –mortgage, kids, bills… But surely it has to be about more than just the money, right?

If you want to leave behind more than just a litany of files with your initials on them, let this session show you how to create a legacy you can be proud of, starting right now.

Above and Beyond The Call (How to Create Balance in Your Career)

Let’s be honest, a career in professional services is not for the faint hearted. Long hours, taxing work intellectually, and constantly dealing with competing demands can and does take its toll on your health and well-being.

But you know “work-life balance” is a myth. What you need is a personal plan that helps you take practical and positive steps to work out a way you can have success long term in your field, without keeling over first.

This not to be missed session will help you work out exactly what “balance” means to you, and to implement a simple plan to start living your new balanced  life within 30 days.

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