Are you impatient by nature? When you make a decision to do something/hire someone/buy something do you do it straight away and want it done yesterday?

Or are you more deliberate? Maybe you take your time making decisions, weighing up all the pros and cons, assessing the risks and making as sure as you possibly can that you make the right decision (or at the very least, a good one).

In coaching sessions one of the key foundations for trust and transformation is that there is no judgment: no right, and no wrong.

So here’s the truth. We’re not in a coaching conversation right now. And your career is not a coaching conversation either. So indulge me in being a tad judgmental right here and now in this moment.

In the last few months I have been working with, meeting with and been inspired by women who are being extremely impatient about progressing their career. And I think they are dead right. In my humble opinion, we all need to be MUCH MORE IMPATIENT when it comes to making decisions and importantly taking actions that have the power to impact our career success.

Deliberation and planning has it’s part to play in your career success, but in my opinion there is a time and place when being impatient instead and taking the bull by the horns will pay major dividends.

Let’s put this in context. One of the key actions you can take to make an immediate, positive impact on your career is to elevate your profile.

You already know this, right? So let’s say you start with working on internal elevation, that is making yourself more visible in your current organisation. Whether you plan to be there long term or not, whatever you do to elevate your profile internally will have major impact externally when you move on.

It also has the potential to save your sanity and make you feel as though you might be serving a greater purpose through your work (see the examples below).

Here are 3 ideas you could get impatient about implementing straight away to elevate your internal profile*:

  • Found a group within your organisation, ideally aligned to your own passion and certainly aligned with organisational ideals.
  • Write a white paper on a topic that has relevance at board/managerial level.
  • Consciously expand your internal network. Make a point of getting to know key people within your organisation and form a relationship with them.

*Proviso: lots of things will try to get in the way of you doing any of these 3 things. You will be: too busy; too tired; too bored; too uninspired by your career prospects; too scared; too put off by red tape; too junior; too senior; too worried it won’t go well; too worried about it not being perfect; too concerned it’s just not the right time.

I have 3 words of advice you should give yourself should you entertain any of these thoughts. JUST STOP IT!

Stop thinking of all the reasons you shouldn’t do it and ask yourself these questions instead:

If not me, then who?

If not now, then when?

If not this, then what?

The women who ask themselves these questions achieve amazing things.

Like the EA who has founded an Asia-Pacific wide women’s group for a major international corporation.

Like the Communications manager who has actively created opportunities for herself across the globe through networking (from a place of authenticity, not because it will get her what she wants), the latest being a newly created Employee Engagement manager for a major corporation – she’s 28 years old.

Like the Learning and Development Manager who is creating projects that will allow employees to be more engaged with the ideals of the organisation, thereby creating greater purpose in what she does every day.

These women didn’t wait for opportunities to come along and present themselves. They have CREATED opportunities and been determined and focused in pursuing them.  They have decided to be IMPATIENT about their own progress, and ultimate success and as a result, they are making a huge impact in their own career and even more importantly, in the lives of others within their organisation and beyond.

Come on then, I dare you to answer. What, or who, are you waiting for? Get impatient. DO SOMETHING. Elevate your profile, and make your career count. Now, and in the future.

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