The shoulders of giantsIn an age where we are virtually hardwired to be digitally connected every moment of every day, we crave one simple thing possibly more than anything: human experience.

The Rise of The Modern Day Mentor

Google. Wikipedia. Linkedin. Facebook. Twitter.

In theory, we can access all of the information we might ever need, any time we like, via the internet, books and other media. We live in the age of constant and endless information.

And yet there is only so much you can do with an article, a tweet, or a post (even this one). And that’s one of the reasons why mentoring is enjoying a revival in popularity – because it is ultimately the sharing and passing on of human experience, and, hopefully – wisdom.

In You I Trust

In Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, Odysseus had to leave home for ten years to fight the Trojan Wars and he needed someone trustworthy to look after his son, Telenachus and prepare him to be king. He entrusted that to his closest friend, Mentor.

The origin, and foundation, therefore of a mentor relationship is one that is fundamentally founded on trust.

What’s In A Name?

Ultimately, in the context of your career, a mentor is a guide and a confidante. It’s usually someone who has walked the path before you, and can share their experiences, good and bad, and insights into their successes, and, importantly, their failures – all with the intention that you learn and benefit from their experience to help you progress in your own career.

Choose your mentors wisely, and understand and accept that you will most likely have different mentors at different stages of your career and your life.

Pay It Forward

No matter what stage you are at in your career, you have knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom to share with others. Mentoring is something that all of us can do on an informal basis. I encourage you to be the person who others in the team see as trustworthy, generous with time and knowledge, and wise.

Whilst having a mentor is critical for your career progression, I believe you have as much, and more, to gain through also being the mentor.  Make it your goal to be the mentor you never had, and help others, and yourself, flourish. tweet this


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