“You’ve changed”.

Often you’ll hear that leveled at people, and usually in an accusatory tone.

For many people change is threatening. They think that as an adult, your life is set, and fundamentally you don’t change over time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The only thing we can be certain of in life is that change is constant. It’s all around us. And it’s in us.

There’s a word that I think suits the truth better though – I believe that as humans we evolve as we go through life.

Our career, our friendships, our personal goals: all of them can and should evolve over time.

Because life is not static. And neither are we.

In 6 years my consulting and coaching practice has evolved beyond measure. And me with it.

On Tuesday this week I launched a new community for professional women, SmartWomen Connect. As I stood up in front of the room I felt very emotional. Because 6 years ago I had no idea I’d be where I am now.

I am tenacious, resilient and hard working. But 6 years ago my vision wasn’t clear. All I knew was I wanted to help people with their career and ensure as many people as possible loved their work.

Now I combine the vast amount of experience I have with a mission and vision that is crystal clear: I will do everything I can to help uncover people’s brilliance, and I will bring the human connection back to business.

I am so proud and pleased to launch the evolution of that mission and vision through my updated website and consulting services.

Two people who support me in my mission without question and help me bring it live to the page are Victoria Judge of Expert Agency (web designer extraordinaire) and Zahrina Robertson (of Zahrina Photography). I give them the words, and they help make those words shine through the design and images.

I’d also like to include in my thanks my best friend Amanda Hawley. Amanda is my Business Development manager responsible for growing the SmartWomen Connect Community. They say you should never mix business and pleasure. I cannot think of anyone I would rather have alongside me in this rollercoaster ride and I am excited about what we are both about to create.

I hope you enjoy looking around the new site, which although it only took two months to design, has been a lifetime in the making.

I look forward to helping you Build Brilliance.