Thank you yes I amBeing able to accept a professional and personal compliment is not a sign that you are arrogant or “full of yourself”. It’s a mature acknowledgment of what others see in you, that you may not be able to see in yourself.

I Don’t Believe In Luck

At a panel discussion last year, I watched on as three very successful, senior women in their field, answered the question “ How did you get to where you are?” with varying versions of “I think I was just lucky”, “I was in the right place at the right time”,  and “I just kept my head down and hoped someone would notice”.

They did every other woman in the room a massive dis-service by not standing up and being loud and proud of their achievements: the tenacity, talent, courage, skills, hard work, experience and resilience each of those woman simply MUST have shown to get to the top of their field was self-evident to me.

Yet apparently, it was not self-evident to them.

The Power of a Flower

In Australia there is much talk of the Tall Poppy Syndrome. Allegedly, we Australians don’t like it when people get “above their station”.

Poppies can grow to over 4 ft tall, with flowers up to 6 inches in width. They are a striking flower, symbolic for many, and have healing properties (when used for good). They are strong, beautiful and unique.

The next time someone offers you a compliment, be that professionally or personally, stand proud and tall as a beautiful poppy and respond with this: “Thank you. Yes, I am”. Acknowledge that they see something good and worthy in you, and that means many others see it too. Acceptance of your strengths is key to building confidence, competence and courage to step out of our comfort zone and do what you need to do to succeed in your career and life.


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