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Dear Friend

Have you hit a crossroads in your career? Are you unsure what direction you should take?

I know that you know what success feels like, because you’ve already achieved what everyone else thinks “success” is. But is it enough for you, or do you want more? Maybe you want to grow, learn and contribute more because you know there is so much more out there for you.

If only you knew how to find it…

It’s YOUR time to shine. Find your direction and make that move – upwards, sideways, or any way you like. The only person that knows how your career feels is you. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. After all, it’s YOUR life, not theirs.

I know, it’s a little scary. I’ve been there – twice. Everyone thinks you are so together, that you’ve “got it made”. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point.  The last thing you want is for it all to have been a waste of time.

But you don’t believe in regrets either. Life is way too short to be unhappy in work. You see other people who genuinely LOVE what they do. And you wonder, what’s so different about them? How did they get there?

What if it is easier than you think?

What if all you need is a helping hand, from someone who has been there before you?

I have spent the last 15 years guiding, coaching and mentoring people to create the success they want in their career – and in their life. I have worked one on one with countless intelligent, smart and successful career women to help them find the direction they are lacking, and the peace of mind and joy that comes with knowing they have taken action in creating a career and life that allows them to be completely themselves, and not what everyone else simply expects.

I am obsessed with empowering women like you to have the success and happiness you desire in your career and life, and my wealth of experience across industries means I can help you, no matter what field you are in.

You can be successful at work and genuinely love what you do on a daily basis. It IS possible. But you need to play the game differently now. What got you to where you are today is not necessarily what will get you to where you want to be now. You need to play by different rules – you need help to create YOUR OWN rules.

Now…if you are the kind of career woman who:

  • Is determined to make a difference through your career
  • Is determined to make it happen, because you know you are ready for it
  • Is ready to be open to new ways of looking at your career that will bring different results
  • Wants more than the tedious 9 to 5 job
  • Wants to know how it feels to really love what you do
  • Is NOT a toe in the water kind of woman, but loves saying, “Let’s just do it”….Let’s talk.

Don’t need to know any more?


I’m only interested in working with women who want to jump right in…who know that to get the results in their career they deserve, they have to TAKE ACTION. MASSIVE ACTION.

If this sounds like you, THEN CLICK the link below to get your FREE 30 minute CAREER DIRECTION DISCOVERY session.

Don’t need to know any more?


Do you deserve and are you capable of so much MORE from your career and life than you’re getting right now?


There is no doubt in my mind that the answer to that question is YES. If you’re not fulfilling your potential, feel like you are making a difference, and being recognised for the strengths and skills you have, then you deserve and are capable of so much more.


So how do you find that?


Now that’s a great question!


Have you ever noticed that you find it really easy to pin point what does and doesn’t work in other people’s lives?

Can’t she see…all she needs to do is…?”

“ The business would make so much more money if they just looked after their people better!”

“She would be so perfect in that role…and she doesn’t even know it.”

It’s human nature that often, we can’t see the forest for the trees. Sometimes, it takes an impartial third party to help us see what’s really in front of our eyes.

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m offering a FREE 30 minute CAREER DIRECTION DISCOVERY session.

Click on the link below to register for your session.


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Who Is This For?


Women who are already successful, but who know they can be, do and have so much more in their career, and their life. This is for career women who want to make a difference, not just in their own life, but also in the lives of others. This is for women who want to be successful, engaged in their work AND be fulfilled by what they do. Women who want to live THEIR OWN life, not the life everyone else expects them to live.


Who Isn’t This For?


–       Women who are not serious about creating an incredible career and life

–       Women who prefer to stay “comfortable” rather than exploring what they are truly capable of

–       Women who would rather blame others for their lack of success than step up and take responsibility for their own success


This is not because I am being nasty or discriminating – quite simply it takes a lot of courage to take the action required to step into your own spotlight and create a new, better reality for yourself.

As the great Tony Robbins said,”We can change our lives. We can do, be and have exactly what we wish.”

I will help you understand what you want from your career and your life and regain the clarity you have been missing to move you forward in your career.


Don’t need to know any more?