Slide1In the personal development section of any bookstore you will find a million books about success: why you want it, what it is, how to get it and what to do with it once you have it.  Most of us attain success on some level, and yet we still don’t feel fulfilled.

My 4 year old son has it nailed. To him, success is persuading Dad to build a lego truck in the morning, which delays him getting dressed and ready for Kindy. He likes to keep it simple.

The world-leading success coach Anthony Robbins has coached millions of people worldwide. In his work, he has derived that we are all driven by 6 core human needs: certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth and contribution.

In our constant search for success, we meet many of those needs. If we are successful in our career it gives us significance and certainty – it may also give us variety and connection depending on what we have had to do and who we have connected with along the road.

The reason success is an ever-moving target however, is that for most of us, what we consider to be success fails to meet the needs of growth and contribution.

Tony Robbins calls these the needs of the spirit, and when we don’t meet these, we find ourselves unsatisfied, searching and striving for even more.

Next time you hit a success milestone, reflect on whether you have grown personally, and contributed to the greater good along the way.

If you haven’t, don’t be surprised when the next success train pulls up at your station and invites you to get on, taking you on another journey of searching for the elusive elements missing in your “successful life”.

Perhaps then the true measure of success is not material, nor is it based on a title or the applause of society when we do something we are told meets the “success” criteria.

It is in fact as simple as achieving a milestone which has allowed you to grow as a human and contribute to others’ lives along the way.  This means that even a failure can be a success.

Success: simplify the meaning and you will start to find it everywhere. tweet this


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