Stories to untell yourselfThe stories we tell ourselves have the power to define our level of success and fulfillment. What stories do you need to untell yourself to move to the next level?

Last week I attended a Women in Business event held by my good friend and mentor, Christina Guidotti.

It was glamorous, inspirational and filled with women looking to uplevel their careers and lives.

One of the questions we were asked was “What story are you holding on to, that’s stopping you achieve what you want?”

I love this question and often ask my clients the very same thing.  All through our life we gather beliefs about ourselves, positive and negative, and we back these beliefs up by constantly telling ourselves stories of what we have/don’t have; are/are not; have done/have not done.

When we let them, these stories have the power to either propel us forward, or send us spiraling backwards.

Think of two siblings – both growing up in the same family, in the same environment. Both will have experienced the same family dynamics, perhaps not all positive. And both may have created different stories around what those family experiences meant.

“I will never amount to anything because my father drank and we never had any money.”


“I will work my hardest to develop myself emotionally and financially and make sure my own family feel loved, secure and supported”.

Same circumstances, different story, very different results.

It’s time for you to identify the stories that are no longer useful to you and are holding you back in any area of your life.  Be conscious of them, be grateful that you have lived through what you have, as you have learnt life lessons that will make you stronger. Then untell those stories and open a new chapter in the book to create a different story for yourself.

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