SuSpin Your Plates For Greater Successccess in sales, business development and career progression requires you to have just the right number, and type of plates spinning.

When you’re in sales, business development or on the hunt for a new position, success is undoubtedly a bit of a numbers game. The more you’ve got going on, the more likely something is to land.

When it comes to opportunities, more is generally, well, more!

One way to execute a successful sales, business development or career progression strategy is to make sure that your activity encompasses three key principles:

A scattergun approach will leave you exhausted and feeling as though your effort is wasted. Focus on understanding who your market is, illustrating why they should engage with you, and how you are going to reach them.

Switching strategies before you have had a chance to see if what you are doing is working is a mistake. Don’t be stubbornly wedded to a strategy that’s not bearing results, but likewise, if you’re starting to make progress (even if it’s slow), don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater by abandoning it too soon.

Focus is important. But I believe it’s also important to have a few plates spinning at one time. Once you are sure something works, then you can use it more exclusively. Till then, engage in a range of activities to ensure you are maximizing potential opportunities.

Case in Point

One of my Women of Influence clients is a Barrister building her practice. Together we have built a business development strategy that allows her to be focused, consistent and diverse, and that means she is not solely relying on one tactic or strategy to build her business.  With a targeted approach using speaking, writing and networking, my client is fast building her reputation as a leader and influencer in her chosen field – the work will flow as a result of this.

Spinning plates can be tricky – you need just the right number so that if one drops, you still have enough spinning – but not so many that you find yourself run ragged trying to keep them all going.  You also need the right kind of plates, that give you maximum spinning leverage. Do you have enough of the right plates spinning now to give you the results you want?

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