“I thrive on inspiring change and action by sharing knowledge,
stories and practical tips.”


Keynote topics include:


Personal Branding

The lines between professional and personal are becoming increasingly blurred. Your personal brand is one of your key career and business currencies. Learn strategies to future proof your career and business by uncovering the brilliance that is uniquely yours and sharing it with the world.


Business And Profile Building

If you’re in the business of getting business you know that how you are perceived in the market contributes hugely to your success (or otherwise). In this keynote Fiona shares the 3 key ingredients to making sure you are known over and above everyone else in your field of expertise. Become the “go to” person in your industry and reap the rewards. This keynote is essential for anyone who is involved in business development activities to grow a business or practice.


Building A Network

Stale canapés and warm wine. That’s the image conjured up for many people when they think of networking. But the game has changed – there are now multiple ways in which you can build, grow and leverage your network – and do it in a way that suits YOU. Join Fiona to explore the who, what and why of networking for success – now and in the future.



The Power Of Influence

Are you tired of being the wallflower? The third wheel? The yes woman/man? This keynote is for every professional who knows exactly what they want to say and do, but doesn’t have the confidence or skills to say or do it. This session will help you understand how to use influencing skills to communicate fully and with a positive outcome with anyone you come into contact with. Use these skills to develop your business relationships and build your team cohesion. This is a practical and engaging session that will leave you feeling as though you might finally be understood and heard.

I recently asked Fiona to present at a Westpac event because I have heard her speak and present before and always found her to be an excellent speaker – she is interesting, thoughtful, insightful and keeps the audience engaged throughout her talks.

At this event she raised great concepts and practical tools to use in unleashing career potential. I highly recommend her speaking and presentation skills and think she would add significant value to corporate offsites, internal workshops and corporate client events.

Ladan Ocora

Director, Private Wealth Services, BT Financial Group, Westpac

Fiona Craig is a truly inspirational professional coach and speaker.

She has a natural flair for presenting and her positive energy is clearly infectious leaving participants feeling motivated and revitalised. She is a very engaging facilitator who is gifted at generating interactive, thought provoking and valuable discussions.

You will gain invaluable insights and practical advice whilst having a thoroughly enjoyable time. Fiona never fails to deliver and every time we have had the pleasure of Fiona facilitating one of the AdventBalance In-house Legal Women of Influence lunches the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Thank you Fiona, you are amazing!

Cassandra Watts

Head of Client Solutions, AdventBalance, Brisbane