Small Steps, Big Progress webOvernight success takes years of consistent, high quality action. Never underestimate the power of taking small steps every day as a means of moving towards achievement of your bigger goals and dreams.

Instant gratification. There’s nothing quite like it. Fast food, weight-loss pills, movies on demand, same-day delivery – our society has geared us up to expect results and expect them immediately.

There is however a danger inherent in adopting this approach in every part of your life. Some things just take time. Developing relationships, and developing a successful, sustainable career or business don’t tend to happen overnight.

The real danger here is that if you don’t think you’ll see immediate results, you may be less inclined to make the effort.

But if you never start anything, you’ll never really move forward.

A client of mine is looking to progress to partner in a professional services firm. For a variety of reasons, building the practice required financially to make it to partner in her area of expertise is tough – it would be easy to say it’s all too hard and for her to remain a very well rewarded senior associate.

But we discussed in a session recently how every-one has to start somewhere. All great outcomes can start with small steps: you can build a network (and a business) one coffee, one newsletter, one phone call at a time.  You can build your skills one deal, project or course at a time.

Every small step you take today brings you closer to your goal tomorrow.

Don’t be daunted by what you think is undoable. Tackle it by making it doable, one small step at a time, and progress will most certainly follow.

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