ProfitableYour skills will only take you so far. Your positioning will take you anywhere you want to go.

Climbing the career ladder is a competitive business.

It’s competitive to get into University, or your first job, in the first place, and then as a graduate, seeking a good position out of university.

It’s competitive working up through the stages of your career, from office junior to senior leader.

And if your role in any way involves business development, it’s competitive when it comes to finding and retaining clients, and therefore fee income.

With so many changes in the workplace including technology making positions redundant, overseas outsourcing and the move towards contracts rather than permanent positions in some industries, many of you will find you are facing an increasingly uncertain future, no matter which industry you work in, which means it’s even more competitive to forge and build a successful career.

One thing however remains constant. The art of powerful positioning is and always will be one of the most effective tools for any professional seeking to maximize opportunities and success in their career.

Your reputation is one of your key assets. Positioning is the act of consistently building your reputation so that you become known as the “go to” person in your organisation, or even in the industry as a whole.

Powerful positioning allows you to be the one who is sought after, rather than the one always seeking.

It provides you with options and opportunities.

And it allows you to retain control over your career and ultimately your own destiny.

Positioning is a skill and art you can learn from day one in your career, and something you should be conscious of working on throughout your career.

Here are 3 key elements which, when combined, create powerful positioning:


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PROFILE: Your professional profile consists of your online and offline profile, and how you are regarded both internally and externally. Do people know who you are and what you do? Are you happy with how you are perceived? Consistently taking action to build and enhance your professional profile is important for powerful positioning.

POWER: Your personal power is reflected in your strengths, skills and talents. Understanding them thoroughly, and being able to articulate them fully, is critical to powerful positioning.

PLATFORM: Powerful positioning means understanding where your market or audience is, and how to reach them in a way that will resonate with them, as well as allowing you to position yourself through your own preferred communication methods (eg writing, speaking, teaching, etc).

If you are looking to achieve more in your career in 2015 and beyond, now is the time to assess your positioning and take steps to strengthen it. Your future self will thank you for the action you take now!


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