UntitledI recently ran a workshop called How To Create a Killer Presentation for my Women of Influence clients.

Around the table were 10 women, all experienced and many who are senior in their field. From experience I know one of the biggest hurdles my clients face in using Authority Marketing in their business development is that they feel they don’t know anything or they are not a true “expert” in their field.

So I debunked that myth straight away.  We worked out the most “junior” person in the room had around 12 years work experience (we won’t say how many years the most senior had!).  12 years is a long time. You acquire a LOT of knowledge and experience in that time.

Part of the issue of working in a hierarchy is that unless you are the senior partner or CEO, you will always feel more junior than others around you.  But think about it – 12 years appears senior to someone with 4 years experience. And 4 years experience appears senior to someone with 1 year experience.  Experience is relative – and the number of years of experience you have is also no measure of how knowledgeable or otherwise you might be.

From Insignificant To Influencer

If the prospect of Authority Marketing (ie being known as an authority in your field and attracting clients as a result) still scares you, think of it like this – it’s simply a way of sharing the knowledge and expertise you have – nothing more, nothing less.

One of the quickest ways to build your authority and move from Insignificant to Influencer (as per the model below) is by sharing your expertise through presentations. Webinars, seminars, keynotes, workshops: there are many platforms you can use to present what you know.


The 4 One’s

In the How To Create a Killer Presentation workshop, I help my clients devise a signature presentation they will use as part of their Business Development plans.  To do this, we The 4 One’s Framework. If you are thinking about using presentations to build your authority (hint: you should be), you might also find it useful.

ONE AUDIENCE: Choose an audience you want to get in front of (ideally prospective clients)

ONE TOPIC: Choose a “hot” topic that will resonate with that audience (make it topical, fresh, innovative or simply something essential your audience needs to know)

ONE MESSAGE: Choose one key message you want your audience to walk away with – this will be the foundation for all of your content.  For example, in a keynote I did recently on Next Generation Gender Diversity, my message was that we are each individually responsible for making change happen.

ONE PLATFORM: Choose a suitable platform, for example breakfast, lunch, evening seminar.

Once you’ve done this all you need to do is get a date booked, market the event to fill it, and you are off and running.

And, if you are a client of mine, you get a simple to follow structure and fill in the blanks template to make creating the presentation a breeze!

Using presentations as a way to build your business is leveraged, effective and smart. Get started today by using The 4 One’s Framework, and prepare to share your knowledge with your market and hasten your success up the Influencer ladder.


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