jumping goldfishFear comes in many forms, and at some stage in our lives, we all have to deal with it. Face the fear, knowing that there is only thing on the other side

Leap of faith

Hands up if you hate heights? I do. I always have. Which is why it still amazes me to this day when I look back on the time I agreed to do a bungee jump. There I was, with my boyfriend of the time, on a dream back-packing trip to Australia.  By the time we reached Queensland, my boyfriend decided a bungee jump was most definitely called for.

So it was with huge surprise that I found myself perched on the edge of a 75 metre ledge, over water, counting down from 3 to 1 and ready to dive “superwoman” style into the abyss.

Of course I did it. I’d jumped before the guy even got to 2. Spurred on by youth, pride (and a few beers), I took one of the biggest leaps of faith I had ever taken to that date.

Paralysis of the unknown

A new job, a crucial negotiation, a massive deal – every day at work we face things that have the potential to paralyse us with fear. The fear generally comes from not knowing what the outcome will be. Most of us are highly driven by certainty, and it’s fear of uncertainty that stops us doing new things, taking risks and pushing our boundaries. Only when we do these things can we really develop and grow in our career and in our life.My bungee jump was horrible. I hated very second and I will NEVER do it again. But to know that I faced one of my greatest fears, and lived to tell the (slightly embellished over the years) tale, is an immense source of pride for me. I know that if I can do that, I can push through other fears that have the potential to cripple my growth.

There is only one thing on the other side of fear, and that’s growth. Next time you have the choice, push through the fear, acknowledging it for what it is and what it gives you, which is the courage to carry yourself to the other side where immense growth awaits you.

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