Open Your Eyes And See

When you continue to focus on what you don’t have; what you’re not; and what you are missing, you may never fully recognise everything that you already have. 

It’s the end of summer school holidays here in Australia. I’ve had a very luxurious 5 weeks off work and today I will take my son to school for the first time.

Last week we spent 5 days in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It’s one of my favourite rest and play spots in Australia, and now that we live in Brisbane it’s less than 2 hours drive away.

We rent an apartment which sits right on the stunning Noosa river, and every morning I woke up to water views, then had the joy of a morning walk riverside. Spending time there always makes me restless to leave Brisbane and head to the coast. I like the city but I love the beach and nature more.

When we drove back into Brisbane on Saturday I couldn’t help but feel a pang of disappointment at being back in my old suburb. I vowed again to myself that I would make a plan to escape suburbia and head to the coast.

The next morning, I decided to take a new route on my morning walk through the suburb. I live in a large, green, leafy suburb at the foot of a “mountain” (as they call it in Australia!) and as a result the streets are hilly and tree-lined.

On my walk I was amazed at the new things I discovered including a walking track beside a pretty creek. I hadn’t even known there was a creek! I walked for around 6 kilometres up and down streets I never had heard of, through the incredible, almost rural grounds of the local high school I had never seen before and along the creekside.

I got home with a new sense of pride and renewed interest in the suburb that I have lived in for 3 years, and almost written off as being full of “nothing” and having “nowhere” to walk to. Now, instead of procrastinating about my morning walk, I’m looking on it as an opportunity to discover new places around me that are right in front of my eyes.

There’s no doubt that focusing on the future (and what you want that you may not have already) can make you feel as though you are moving forward towards the success and fulfilment you desire. But I wonder how much we miss out on when we do that, rather than focusing fully on what is around us at this moment in time.

What opportunities are you missing right now, because you are too focused on the future you don’t yet have? Maybe it’s time to choose a new walking route, and open your eyes as you walk.

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