onelifeYou have one life on this planet. Will you allow that life to be defined by what society, family, peers expect of you? Or will you be brave and forge a path that lights YOU up, that makes YOU happy, and that will leave a legacy YOU are proud of?

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

At the end of a coaching session with a client recently, I asked what she was most proud of in relation to what we had covered in the session. She said she was proud of the fact she had finally voiced what she had known for some time – that her chosen career no longer made her feel happy and fulfilled.

You might be thinking, so what? There are so many people unhappy in their jobs, right?

But most of us live our life based on pleasing others, be that a partner, our family, the organisation we work for or society in general. We spend most of our time doing what we think will make us happy, based on what everyone else tells us, and what we ingest right from childhood in the media.

Courage Comes in Many Forms

In a blog I wrote last year I said this:

“It takes courage to stand apart from the crowd and everyone you love and say – this is ME. This is who I AM. I may not be who you think I am. I may not even be who you want me to be. But I am me, and I am going to live my life, and have a career that makes ME happy.”

I’d add to that by saying this. You have one life. Most of you will work into your 60’s, possibly longer. It’s not just courageous to stand apart and do what makes you happy, it’s cowardice NOT to do it.

If you are unhappy at work, there are always choices. Yes you have to pay the bills. Me too. None of us are immune from that. But we make choices in terms of our lifestyle every day.

The real choice is to decide what you are giving up when you settle for less than you are worth, less than you know you deserve, and when you choose not to be the best possible version of yourself, as much as you plausibly can.

The world doesn’t really need more entrepreneurs and risk-takers who will lose their shirt over crazy ideas that might never come to fruition. The world needs true courage in the form of ordinary people, just like you, who refuse to settle for a life that someone else tells them is a good one, and instead forge a path towards a life filled with meaning, fulfillment and true reward.


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