LinkedInSocial networking has changed our professional lives for ever. Embrace its power and reap the rewards.

Technology and Your Career

I have a confession to make. When I completed my legal training in Scotland, there were no computers on our desks. And – shock horror – I still remember having to use a public phone box to get in touch with friends before the days of mobile phones.

Now technology is such an every-day part of a professional’s life, it’s hard to imagine what we ever did without it.

The same can be said for social networking. An introvert’s dream, it has made our world so much smaller and in many ways more manageable, yet in some ways more overwhelming.

Whatever your personal views on social networking, you can’t deny it’s impact and, more importantly, potential for professionals seeking to progress their career.

Of course there are a plethora of social networks out there, but for this post I want you to forget Facebook, get rid of Google + and turn off Twitter. This is all about leveraging the number one site for professionals: Linkedin.

There are now over 300 million users on Linkedin, with over 50 million in the Asia Pacific Region and an estimated 5 million users in Australia. With it’s job search function and new publishing feature, Linkedin is fast becoming the ONLY site professionals need to go to for all the information, training and opportunities they need to build and thrive in their career and attract and engage with potential clients in their market.

Social Selling

Whether you’re in the market for new clients or a better job opportunity, having a well-honed social networking strategy can seriously accelerate your results.

In my previous blog on Profitablel Positioning, I shared the importance of understanding the platform you need to use to reach your market. Social selling is all about moving from being Insignificant, to being an Influencer (see graphic below), so that you become the one who is sought after, rather than always being the one seeking.

Linkedin provides an incredible platform to reach a massive audience of professionals across the world, and for you to build and exhibit your knowledge as an expert and an influencer.

And yet, it astounds me how few people I work with are actually leveraging Linkedin to build careers and/or businesses.

If you see it’s potential, but you’re a bit stuck on how to use it to your advantage, here are 3 strategies to get you Linkedin savvy quickly and easily, and to start using this incredible platform to move up the Influencer ladder.

  1. Powerful Profile

If you’re going to be on there, don’t do a half-baked job. Create a compelling profile that showcases you and your expertise. Concentrate on:

  • Using keywords in your title and summary that people may be searching for so that you show up in searches
  • Creating a strong Summary section – this is key real estate that allows you to engage the reader straight away
  • Make it interactive – use the apps to add videos, white papers, etc you have produced
  • Get recommendations – social selling is all about social proof
  1. Connection Economy

Would you walk up to a stranger at a function and say “I’d like to add you to my professional network?” No? Well don’t do it on Linkedin either. You have to give people a reason to connect with you. Here’s how to do it:

  • Personalise every connection request (you can even do this from your mobile device now). It takes two seconds, for example: “We met at the annual Lawyers in Insolvency conference at Broadbeach last year and I really enjoyed our conversation over drinks. I’d like to stay in touch via Linkedin.” Two seconds, real connection made.
  • Once your request has been accepted, follow up with a personal email, creating further connection. This is how relationships are built.
  1. Expert Strategy

The right content strategy (curated and original) on Linkedin can help you move from Insignificant to Influencer in your industry. Post regularly, and relevantly. Also consider using the publishing platform.

Developing a strategy to leverage Linkedin should be a priority if you want to be known, and found, as an Influencer in your field.  Embrace the challenge, and watch your business and/or career move to a whole new level. 


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