Slide3In a world of over-done and over-the-top digital gestures, it’s easier than ever to stand out, be remembered and stick in the mind of others – for all the right reasons.

You may have been reading recently in the news about the “selfie-effect”, the rise of so-called self-portraits that is building thanks to the combination of technology and social media.

From Ellen DeGeneres and her Twitter-crashing Oscars selfie, to world leaders, it seems everyone is getting in on the act*.

The craze has sparked a whole debate about the rise of digital narcissism. In a recent article, The Guardian sums it up beautifully:

“What do Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber have in common? Grandiose exhibitionism, inflated self-views, superficial personalities and shameless self-promotion. In that sense, they are just like millions of their Facebook and Twitter fans around the world, except successful.

Welcome to the age of digital narcissism, a world of endless ostentation opportunities and unlimited bragging possibilities. Showing-off has never been easier and, ironically, more celebrated”

Cutting Through The Noise

Ironically, I find myself doing this on a regular basis, albeit without the photos. Part of what I teach my clients, and what I do myself, is to create a personal brand.

Branding is all about standing out, and, often to do that in a noisy online world, we feel we have to shout louder, be crazier and more emphatic than anyone else.

What if the secret to being noticed and remembered, is not constant posturing and hyperbole about your super-powers, but a very simple and powerful act: selflessness.

Last week, as you know (because I blatantly self-promoted it), was my birthday. After a pretty regular day working, I came home from picking up my son to find a beautiful box of Aussie native flowers on my doorstep.

The card brought a tear to my eye. Not because of the words themselves, but because I knew first hand the people who sent me the flowers are going through an extremely emotional and difficult time.

The simple act of sending me flowers was, in my mind, a completely genuine, selfless act, that brought me immense joy and has undoubtedly sealed what is a relatively new friendship.

Take The Lead

What can you do today to show someone that you genuinely care? It doesn’t have to be a big gesture.

It could be as simple as taking someone for a coffee and letting them offload some work stress

Or sending a hand-written thank you card for the lunch you just attended.

The important thing is that is all about them, NOT you.

In our fast-paced online world, connecting with an offline, simple and selfless act will make sure you are remembered, respected and perhaps even revered.

Be so genuine, they can’t forget you.

*I do however applaud the recent Breast Cancer Awareness naked-selfie campaign which has raised millions. Genius marketing, and they deserve every penny they raised.

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