wonderwoman apron

Today is Shrove Tuesday. I know because I saw a big sign on the local church this morning saying “Pancakes here 3-5pm”.

Pancakes hold many fond memories for me. My Nana Mitchell was an amazing baker. Her scones, gingerbread and pancakes were legendary.

And she did it all without ever using (or, annoyingly for me now, writing down) a single recipe.

She knew exactly what ingredients were needed, in exactly the right amounts, to make her baking the best in the local area.

My mum is also a good baker.

Now that I am a mum myself, I also hamper desires of being a great baker.  I mean that’s what mums are supposed to do, yes?

I use my language very much on purpose…for desire is pretty much all I have in relation to baking skills.

A few months ago my 4 year old refused my chocolate chip cookies – it has to be bad if a 4 year old refuses something with chocolate in it, right?!

And today…well today I was inspired to make pancakes.

Who knew something with so few ingredients could be so tricky?

There I was, virtually ready to call in the concrete mixer to mix the batter, and very glad my 4 year old was at kindy and not subject to my baking trials in the kitchen.

And I had a thought.

What if I’m really not EVER going to be a great baker like my Nana? What if it’s just not something I have a natural talent for?

(Check out the picture, I’m sure you’ll agree and say no S*** Sherlock…).


What if I should just accept that my talents as a woman and a mother are just different. And that it makes me no less of a woman or a mother just because I can’t whip up delightful home-baked treats at the drop of a hat.

What if I stop being so hard on myself and revel and delight in all the things I am GREAT at?

Like helping my clients find direction, inspiring them to do things differently, even if it’s out of their comfort zone.

Like being a great friend who is always there to listen and share a glass of wine when needed.

Like being an amazing mother who helps her son be outgoing and confident and see the world in positives.

And in that moment, I found peace with my pancakes.

My question for you is, what are you striving so hard for? And does that striving mean you are focusing on all the things you don’t have, or can’t do, rather than you do have or can do?

Do you even know what your natural talents and strengths are and how to use them?

If your answer is baking, then please…call me! If not, and you don’t know the answer, then do yourself a favour and work it out.

Only when you know, accept and take ownership of your strengths and talents, can you start to fully come into your own – in your career, and personally.

It just so happens one of my own talents is helping my clients do exactly that.

If you’d like to learn more on how to take control of your career direction by:

  • knowing your strengths
  • using them to build your brand
  • gaining the confidence you need to take your career and life where you want it to be

then I’d love to invite you to join me for a free live workshop.

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No sell, no fillers, this is all highly relevant and useable content for you if you’re ready to do more with your life and career and feel a bit stuck on how to do it.

Now, you must excuse me, because it’s afternoon tea time, and I’m off for a cuppa and a pancake 🙂

*Wonderwoman Apron image courtesy of Pinterest (don’t you love it?!).

** Pancake image care of me (they actually tasted good!).