UntitledI recently watched a segment on a morning TV show where Sir Richard Branson responded to a letter and video he had received from an 11 year old girl who is dyslexic.

Sir Richard Branson is of course very open about his own dyslexia. However in this segment, he shared a new story of how, at age 50, he still didn’t know the difference between net and gross profit and yet he was the owner of the biggest group of private companies in Europe!

Brené Brown has made what Sir Richard did acceptable, and in fact, almost desirable. Her book, “Daring Greatly – How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live Love and Parent” is a #1 New York Times Bestseller, and her Ted Talk on the topic of vulnerability is one of the most downloaded of all time.

In her book, Brené attempts to debunk several of the more commonly held opinions or “myths” about vulnerability. One such myth is that showing vulnerability equates to weakness. In some of the research she did, Brené asked people to share examples by finishing the sentence “Vulnerability is ________________?” Some of the replies included:

·      Sharing an unpopular opinion
·      Asking for help
·      Saying no
·      Admitting I’m afraid
·      Exercising in public knowing I’m out of shape
·      Waiting for the biopsy to come back
·      The first date after my divorce
·      Asking for forgiveness
·      Presenting my product to the world and getting no response

Brené makes the point that of course not one of these examples is weakness. In fact, she says “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage”.

I have a client in my Women of Influence group currently showing great courage, strength and talking her truth. After an extremely challenging year, she is showing up every day with a determination and purpose that is palpable. Far from breaking her, her vulnerability resulting from a major health issue, and the way she is sharing that to help others, is in fact going to be the making of her (and I believe, her business).

If you want to feel whole and be successful in more than just monetary terms in your business or your career, embrace ALL of you. Be vulnerable, and know that it’s a sign of strength, not weakness. People do business with people, not companies, and increasingly not brands.  And those who have the strength and courage to share their truth will undoubtedly flourish, as others will be drawn to them.

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