UntitledI love what I do, but I’m also human. Which means there are days when I take longer to get out of bed and start my day than others.

That’s why it’s important for me to be part of a group that gives me a shot in the arm when I need it – whether that’s a shot of inspiration, backside-kicking or hand-holding.

Last week my group delivered exactly what I needed, and then some. I sat in on a webinar with a very successful business owner in my industry. I literally came off the webinar BUZZING. There were 3 reasons for that:

  1. His energy was infectious and palpable, it was impossible not to get caught up in it.
  2. It left me with a feeling of huge possibility and opportunity for my clients and my business.
  3. It showed me that doing what you love is one thing: combining that with a smart business model and activity is key to real success.

This coach has completely dominated in his niche for the last few years, so much so that he said he has saturated the market and effectively done himself out of business!  He is a true Influencer in his industry.

Yesterday we were talking about building a successful and sustainable coaching business, but there were many lessons that the presenter shared that can be applied in any industry, and in any career.

In terms of dominating your market and moving from Insignificant to Influencer, here are some of the key points that stood out for me:

  • Your self-esteem is your biggest weapon. You simply MUST believe in yourself and perhaps have a healthy dose of self-delusion too!
  • Becoming a thought leader in your area is crucial for real success. Give away your knowledge and content regularly, and generously. Most people will take it, but not implement it, which means they will pay a premium for you to help them implement.
  • Have a lead generation strategy that encompasses lots of things – content, speaking, writing and be consistent – adding value at every turn.
  • You need to be extremely active in your business development. No resting on laurels.
  • Have a strong sales strategy where you are the prize, not the other way around (read above re self-esteem).

Building your profile and your business means you need to be juggling lots of different balls. And there are times (lots of them!) where it can feel overwhelming, confusing and daunting and as though you’re dropping some of the balls. That’s where learning from those who have successfully gone before you can help. So let’s not re-invent the wheel. Use the 5 points above to help you focus, and gain clarity on what’s missing.

Take some time to determine where you are strongest, and where you need to do most work. Then make a plan, get some good accountability and go out there and aim for industry, business and world domination smiley




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