If you had been a fly on the wall in my office last Friday, you’d have seen me dancing around, singing, pumping my fist in the air and smiling and laughing like a maniac.

I was alone. And no, unfortunately I didn’t win the lottery (do you think I’d be writing this for you if I had?!).

In fact I had just finalised the branding for my new venture, SmartWomen Connect. The branding is great (I’m sure you’ll agree) but what had me leaping around like a slightly embarrassing mother at her son’s school disco was the feeling in my stomach.

Nerves, adrenalin, butterflies, excitement…whatever you want to call it, it all amounted to one thing. A feeling of POSSIBILITY.

Whether it’s the first flush of new love, finally discovering the blue line on the pregnancy test, or walking into a job interview feeling invincible, that feeling of knowing something new and wonderful is possible is one of the best in the world.

It propels you forward, it makes you take a risk, and it helps you grow.

UNTIL of course, the doubt sets in. Let’s call it your WIV (What If Voice).

– What if that guy I’m falling for finally discovers I’m not always sparkling and witty?

– What if I’m just not cut out to be a mother?

– What if no-one wants to join the community?

– What if I run out of ideas?

– What if I run out money?

– What if I get rejected?

All of the above might of course be true.

And equally, the new possibility might exceed your wildest dreams and be more successful than you ever imagined.

Many of my clients in the SmartWomen Connect community are making themselves alive to possibility. The possibility that comes with defining their dreams and goals, and going after them. The possibility that they can be more, do more and achieve more than they believed they could.

Sometimes their WIV gets in the way, and when it does, I ask them this question: What’s the worst that could happen? Then I ask them to remember something they have done in the last 5 years that they once thought was impossible. And finally, I kick them squarely in the backside and give them a strategy to go out there and go after their dreams.

We are capable of more than we ever believe of ourselves. We are smarter, stronger, more creative, more influential and have more potential than we ever admit.  The possibilities are endless, should we choose to believe we deserve them.






PS I am excited, nervous and proud to announce the launch of SmartWomen Connect, a new community for professional women who want to create a career and life that makes their heart sing. If you want to be first to hear about the upcoming events (in Sydney, with other cities planned later this year) and find out more about what we will achieve together, click here and enter your email. I’ll be in touch to share the possibilities with you.