destinationLack of direction is often a result of not actually knowing where you want to go in the first place. Get clear on your destination, and the plans to get you there will make more sense.

Bridging Dreams

I’ll never forget the first time I drove a car after moving to Sydney, Australia from Scotland. I’m sure I was still jet-lagged, and I was certainly in awe of being in such an amazing city, in the sun, after moving from a cold Glasgow winter.

I’ve also been here long enough that my first drive involved finding my location and destination via physical, real-life maps, not a GPS on my iphone (yes, I know, crazy).

I was so excited about getting to my new apartment and checking it out. Moving to Sydney was fulfilling a dream I had since I travelled here as a backpacker.

So I got in the car, in the city, and off I drove, with the map on the passenger seat beside me. All I knew about the city was I shouldn’t head north, as I’d end up on completely the wrong side of the harbour.

Now it transpired that even 15 years ago Sydney traffic was appalling! And the road signs were even worse. Ten minutes into the journey, I found myself in a lane headed straight for the Harbour Bridge, with no way to get off.

Next thing I knew, I was on the other side of the harbour, completely lost on the Lower North Shore, desperately trying to work out on my map how to get back across the Bridge.

I come from a family who own and run a truck business – and I’ve always prided myself on my innate sense of direction, but here’s the thing – I hadn’t properly checked my destination first. I knew my general direction, but without checking exactly the suburb and the suburbs around it, the road signs made no sense to me. So I ended up confused and panicked on the North Shore instead of relaxed and happy in North Bondi.


Direction Central

I work with women every day who are searching: for happiness, fulfilment, success – they are ready to move forward with their career and their life.

But many are floundering and most are stuck. Why? Because they don’t actually know what their destination looks like, or what else might be around it, and without knowing where they are going, they have no idea what direction to take to get there.

We’re approaching the end of another year. This is the best time to take an objective look at where you have ended up. Are you at a destination now that you are happy with, and have chosen? Are you stuck and not sure where you are headed? Are you allowing someone else to choose your destination for you?

Make an honest assessment about where you have got to this year, and whether you want a different, and better, destination going forward. Because the key to a successful journey without hiccups along the way is knowing where you want to go, then doing the planning and preparation before you start out.




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