The days of a “job for life” are gone.

In our here and now society, we are ALL replaceable. And yet we also live in a time where technology allows us to make career and lifestyle choices that just weren’t possible even a decade ago.

We have less security, yet more choice than ever before.

We are surrounded by people, and virtually connected more than at any time in history.

Yet when it comes to making career decisions I know many of you feel completely alone.

It’s a competitive marketplace, and you will be judged at the drop of a hat – hence your own personal brand matters more than most people realise.

Exclusive Career Advice and Coaching – Tailor Made For You

I am here to give you the bespoke career advice and coaching you need to make career decisions and choices that will sustain your success and fulfilment. Not just your in your career – but in your life.

Understanding what you really want from your life, then creating a career that works in alignment with it, is at the very heart of what I do every day with the women I coach.

Together we will work on:

  • Creating a compelling vision for your future
  • Ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your talents, skills and strengths and know how to use them
  • A strategy for your career development and next steps
  • Creating a personal brand and professional profile that showcases you and your talents

If you need direction in your career, or you know where you want to go but need a strategy to get there, click here to book a time for us to chat about how we can work together to make your career everything you know you want it to be.

Betsy Rumble

Betsy Rumble – Business Development Manager, Greenwood & Freehills, Sydney (former lawyer prior to coaching)

Fiona is an insightful and engaging career coach. She knows what the right questions to ask are; she challenges your assumptions and beliefs about your career and your potential. Fiona gets to the bottom of why you may not be engaged with your work and/or what steps you can take to improve that situation. Her experience in the legal recruiting industry gives her great insight into the opportunities available to people with legal training and experience. I engaged her in my personal capacity and cannot recommend her coaching services highly enough.

Emma Sorensen

Emma Sorensen, Journalist; Communications Consultant; Owner @ Antelope Media, Sydney

Fiona takes a broad and innovative approach to career coaching that encompasses the bigger life picture. Her sessions were fun, personalised to my particular needs, and she has an innate ability to inspire. Her insightful questions gave me the confidence I needed to grasp the opportunities that were sitting right in front of me. I’d recommend Fiona to anyone looking for clarity at a career crossroads.

Nicole HawkinsNicole Hawkins, Marketing Solutions Partner, Technology One, Brisbane

As a result of my work with Fiona, I am much more confident from a professional perspective and I am making more conscious decisions about my next career move. I would recommend Fiona to anyone who is not sure what to do next when it comes to your career, particularly younger women who want to set themselves up now for a bright career ahead! If you don’t want to settle for “OK” in your career, you need Fiona!