Client Love

Gillian Kerr, Manager in Large Corporate, Sydney

“When I engaged with Fiona I was really struggling with where I was heading with my career. I had tried a couple of things over the past few years, even toying with my own business at one stage. But over the last 12 months had found myself just settling for the job I was in because it presented itself, not because I had really put any thought into where I wanted to head. With the big 4-0 just around the corner I realised I had to do something to regain my focus and direction.

Working with Fiona has completely shifted my focus, my belief in myself and where I am headed. Going above and beyond in our sessions, Fiona has held the line with me and not let me off the hook. The realisation of how apathetic I had become over the last year hit me like a tonne of bricks, but was exactly what I needed to wake me up. Things have changed drastically, I am having pro-active conversations about where I’m headed with my manager and am stepping into a new role – but it’s more than that, I have realised the value in me again and what I deserve. This has resulted in, new wardrobe, exercising, reading, writing – all the things I knew I should be doing but couldn’t find the motivation – when it was within me all along I had just lost touch with it.

I am taking action to move me forward every day. Fiona has helped me shift from Apathy to Action in a major way and I feel more empowered every day. All this in a couple of sessions, I can’t wait to see what the rest brings. Thank You Fiona for everything.”

Maureen Bell, Business Owner, Sydney

“I was very lucky to attend Fiona’s Love your Work webinar at a time when I need help on “Why I am doing what I am doing”. The webinar was followed by a one on one session with Fiona in which she enabled me to identify what was missing within. Fiona hit the spot, which made me feel uncomfortable however I knew we were on the right track to uncovering success for myself.
Fiona is a beautiful, personable & skillful coach who I would highly recommend. Thanks Fiona!”

Megan van der Hoeven, Communications Professional, Sydney

“I was attempting a career transition for three years. I made it to a number of interviews but couldn’t get passed that stage. I had lost my confidence and even my passion for life, the constant rejection impacted me on my levels.

I successfully secured a new job, in a communications position, after the first session! Fiona’s sessions and interview preparation really made a difference. The best investment I made! Fiona assisted me in identifying what’s really important to me, my passions, as well as better understanding my strengths and what I have to offer.

I’m happy again! I’ve found my spark again! People have commented that I am back to my enthusiastic and passionate self! I’m excited about this new chapter I’ve just started and am looking forward to seeing more of my dreams becoming reality.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to take their career and life to the next stage. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Her knowledge, skills and insight, really made a difference. She loves what she does and helps others do the same.”

Julie Allen, Owner, Biz Yourself, Melbourne

“Hi Fiona,

WOW!! What a great session. A lot to take in. Not sure how I came across you the first time but very very glad.

I feel like I am on track more than I have been in a very long time.

1. Booked in my babysitter – done!

2. Written my personal values down on a big sheet of paper – done!

3. Written my biz goal values down on a big sheet of paper – done!

Will be working on my 90 day plan later tonight….need to step out and get some fresh air. Didn’t go for the Chardy, had a cuppa outside on the steps. Thought I better not pick the kids up all wobbly!!!

Look forward to working with you again and moving forward to achieving my goals.

YOUR ACE! (yes stuck in 80’s but who cares)

xo Thanks


Jane Morrissey, HR Professional, Sydney

“I felt very lost in terms of the direction of career that I wanted to take. My whole life I had been listening to what other people had suggested in terms of career but never really taken the time to figure out for myself what I wanted to do. I was really frustrated and felt like I had no purpose. There was no bigger goal that I was working towards.

Since my coaching sessions with Fiona I now know what I want to do for a career and it is something that I am extremely passionate about and know that I will do well in. I’ve also been able to realise and accept that there will be a number of smaller steps I need to take to reach my ultimate career goal, but that everything I do now towards my goal, I do with a greater purpose.

As a result of working with Fiona I feel extremely energised! I just LOVE getting out of bed in the morning to discover what a new day has in store for me! I also now feel passion which is something I have never felt before. It is the most amazing feeling and with this feeling I can now clearly determine what I like and don’t like in other areas of my life.

I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone who is looking at changing careers or is just really uncertain about the type of career they want to be in and needs some guidance in figuring this out. I also believe Fiona is fantastic at helping to uncover the beliefs and limitations we place on ourselves which hold us back from being the people we really want to be / or the jobs we really want to be in. Before meeting Fiona, I previously have spent a lot of time and money on counselling / coaching with little results. Fiona helped me to use my inner resources to look forward and create a future that I want. It was the most empowering experience of my life. A moment I will always treasure – thanks Fiona.”

Kathryn Parker, Senior Lawyer, Perth

“I was at a cross roads in my career. I was not happy in my job but I felt that I was never going to find a job that really suited me. I had decided to stay where I was and build my own practice within the firm but to do that I knew I needed to learn how to market myself; something with which I was most uncomfortable.

I have learned what marketing is and how to market in a focused way. I have gained the confidence to market myself in the market place and at work because Fiona helped me to understand the value of my views and opinions. I have now found a job which really suits me and I have taken a leadership role within the firm.

Understanding the value of my views and putting them forward has increased my sense of worth and confidence and that has decreased my discomfort with marketing.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to take on the challenge of moving outside their comfort zone and explore their own potential.”

Preethi Balasubramony, Senior In-House Lawyer, Sydney

“When I was offered coaching sessions, I was actually in a pretty positive phase of life. I was newly married and happy in my job. I didn’t really know what coaching would achieve. Through the sessions, I identified with Fiona a number of areas in my life in which I was under-confident, finding it difficult to operate as efficiently as I could and quite stressed without really realising it. It turned out that the same root cause was manifesting itself in various areas of my life. As a result I experienced difficulty in being assertive and worried constantly about the opinions of other people. This affected everything I did, thought and felt, often infusing me with self-sabotaging doubt.

Through coaching I achieved the following:

  • Enhanced awareness around why I was attributing such importance to the opinions of others and minimising my own views
  • Awareness around how this was negatively impacting my life
  • Decreased focus on external opinions
  • Recognition of and increased focus on my strengths
  • Significantly lower stress levels
  • A more balanced, less reactionary outlook
  • Greater optimism
  • Greater self assurance

As a result of working with Fiona I feel more self assured, empowered and balanced. I have seen very positive results in my day to day life as a result of the shift in my perception. This gives me a greater sense of self worth and confidence.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who seeks compassionate, gentle, non-judgmental guidance and is committed to finding out who they can be when they have themselves on side. Fiona is an excellent voice of sanity and strength and would be best suited to those who prefer to solve their own problems, but wish to employ greater efficiently in doing so.”

James O’Sullivan, Professional in Corporate, Melbourne

“Prior to experiencing coaching sessions with Fiona, I felt a distinct lack of direction in my career. I had no specific goals in terms of where I was headed, I was too busy ‘doing’ to really assess where it is that I wanted to take my career. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be keep working in my current field of work!

The coaching sessions with Fiona provided me with the tools to critically assess my current position, to clearly define my long term career goals and to put together an action plan so as I can achieve what it is that I really want to do career wise. I now feel, as a result of working with Fiona, certainty over where I am headed. This provides me with a sense of contentment with this aspect of my life.

I thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend Fiona as a coach to anyone seeking to better and improve on aspects of their life, be that from a career, relationship or any other perspective. Fiona demonstrates great passion for her chosen career and brings a great deal of wisdom with her.”

Adam Telling, Stand up-Comedian, Sydney

“Before my sessions with Fiona, I was stuck in a rut. I had a million different ideas of what I wanted to do for a career but I wasn’t sure of anything. I had no clear career path or goal to head towards and as such I was just sitting around waiting for something to happen. I had trouble selling myself to prospective employers due to a lack of self esteem or self worth.

Through coaching I’ve gained complete faith in myself and my abilities. I have a clear direction of where I want to go in my career, with clear steps to get there. And I’ve started actually putting it in action instead of waiting around for it to happen. I have the first job that I’ve had in 5 months.

As a result of working with Fiona I now feel I have a purpose and I have a deep feeling of contentment about that fact. I feel driven towards achieving my goals for the first time in my life. I feel so much joy at knowing what my purpose is and have complete faith in my abilities to achieve this. This sureness about myself has removed so much stress and anxiety from all aspects of my life.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to gain focus or direction in any aspect of their life.”

Michele Bannister, Business Owner, NSW

“As a result of working with Fiona I now feel liberated and ready to explore what is my special gift and how I can turn it into a business that is successful. I feel that I am good enough and the effects of that translate into my private life, especially into my roles as a wife and mother. I can feel effects of the coaching every day especially because I now understand the patterns I used in the past, how they were all related and how they impacted on how I made decisions, how I chose to feel and how I took actions.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who is at the point of giving up his or her dream to settle for second-best. Second best is not enough! You only have one life. Go and see Fiona and she will assist you to work through the challenges and you’ll come out at the other end knowing that you can do it!”

Natasha Pennells, Communications and Events Coordinator, QLD

“On behalf of the LGMA Board and members, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support and participation at the recent LGMA Queensland Future Leaders Forum in Brisbane.

The feedback from our delegates was overwhelmingly positive, with one attendee even describing your presentation as having the ‘wow factor’.

Our group embraced the idea of developing their strengths and not focusing on their weaknesses and found your delivery to be enthusiastic, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your insights. We truly appreciate your support of the forum and look forward to seeing you at a LGMA Queensland event in the future. ”

Belinda Imani, HR Manager, Herbert Smith Freehills, QLD

“Fiona’s involvement in a new component of our Diversity program was highly valuable and spot on. From the start, Fiona understood the objectives and worked in partnership with us, her expertise and experience shone through. During the session, Fiona built rapport quickly with what can sometimes be a tough audience. The feedback from the session is overwhelmingly positive.”

Judy Gray, Manager, HP, NSW

“Thank you very much for agreeing to present at the [HP] GLOW launch…You were exactly the type of speaker we wanted and we’ve had fantastic feedback about the event.”