swanWe never stop evolving as individuals, which means our identity and personal brand is also constantly shifting and evolving. Taking a broader view of identity will ensure you more sustainable and fulfilling career success.

“Tell me a bit about who you are?” This is a question I ask all my clients, very early on. Inevitably the answers go something like: “I am a lawyer/doctor/marketer/mum/realestate agent/insert appropriate occupation here…”And when I ask clients to dig deeper and really answer the question, most struggle to do so and simply say “I don’t know”.Our identity is inextricably tied up in what we “do”, yet each of is so much more than that one single noun can ever convey. Our identity in fact is everything that is a part of us, that has made us who we are, right now.  It is a combination of our talents, traits, temperament, experience, beliefs and values, right through to what we choose to spend our time on professionally each day.

We spend a vast amount of time finding, creating, and justifying our personal identity, particularly in an age where we all know that “personal brand” is crucial for advancing our careers.

If you choose to believe that your identity is made up of ALL of you, then you have so much more to give, and so much less to lose when one part of that identity, let’s say for the sake of argument, your job, is taken away, or lost.

You are so much more than the title on your door, or your business card. Embrace ALL of the elements and experience that make up your identity, and you will ensure your own personal brand has depth and breadth that will sustain you beyond your current role, and propel you into your next. 

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