There’s a phrase I often hear in coaching circles:

“Change can happen in an instant”.

Yes it can, but making the choice to change often takes a lot longer.

And – just when you think you’ve got your choice nailed, the decision made or a new habit formed – the old devil on your shoulder will appear, encouraging you to play it safe and continue doing the same thing, over and over.

When you’re in the breakfast aisle of the supermarket, you’re completely spoilt for choice. Ten varieties of bran-flakes, 40 different muesli brands, 15 different versions of cornflakes.

Every time you find yourself there you think, “maybe I should try something different this time. I’ve been eating the same brand of cardboard (sorry muesli) for 5 years. Maybe I need a change. “

You’ve seen the shiny adverts on tv enticing you to try the newest diet-craze-based muesli and you’ve been sucked in.


Because face it, every time you go shopping, you walk out with exactly the same brand of muesli that you have eaten every morning for the last 5 years.

Until one day you realise that if you have to eat the same breakfast again you will literally throw up. The pain of getting to that stage is enough to force you to change your eating and buying habits, and try a new breakfast option.

For many of us, exactly the same thing happens in our careers and other areas of our lives. Intellectually, we know that we can do much better and achieve more, yet often the niggling emotional devil called doubt who sits on our shoulder, successfully manages to keep us playing a smaller game than we are capable of.

And it takes the pain of our current situation to persuade us that we are ready to change.

I can always tell when my clients have made the mental choice to change their career, or their behavior, and often, their life.

There is a positive energy that becomes palpable.  Their language changes and becomes more authentically decisive. When I challenge them on their decision, they have ten reasons they shoot right back as to why they want to – or need to – and are ready to change.

And that’s when momentum takes over and the magic happens.

Pain is a large motivator of change for many people. The question is, how much pain can YOU bear, before you make the changes you know will have an immediate positive impact on your life?

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