Are you lacking direction and opportunities in your career?

Do you want more recognition, satisfaction and fulfilment from your work?

I Can Help You Gain Clarity On What Direction You Should Take,

Become Happier At Work On A Daily Basis

And Find The Satisfaction And Fulfilment You Are Looking For.


Dear Career Woman

Do you wake up on a Monday morning dreading the thought of going to work?

Do you feel like you work hard and should be more successful at work, yet you still feel under-valued and unrecognised?

Do you find it difficult to make a decision on what you should do next in your career?

Do you worry that you will be stuck in your job, bored, unchallenged and unhappy, and never be able to move on?

Do you want to wake up happy, enthusiastic and excited about going to work?

Do you want to be valued and recognised for your skills?

Do you want to choose a career path, certain that it will suit you and that you will be happy and successful?

Do you want to feel as though you are making a difference to someone, somewhere in the world?


If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading, this is definitely for you.

Whether you are currently looking for a new role, want to increase your internal job or promotion prospects, or start or build your own business – you’re probably keen to uncover MORE and BETTER opportunities than you currently have.

What if you could double your opportunities and speed up the process of progressing your career in a direction that makes you feel happy and satisfied?

You’ll discover how many people are uncovering opportunities they never would have previously, by using what they already have.

This means they are finding new careers and roles, building their profile internally and uncovering new business opportunities faster than ever before – in ways that reflect who they really are, not who someone else tells them they should be.


Case Study

meganMeet Megan. Earlier this year Megan and I had a strategy session following one of my webinars. Megan had been attempting to shift career into a Communications role for around 3 years. She had made it to a number of interviews, but couldn’t get beyond the first stage. She told me it was having a major impact on her life. She was unhappy at work and had lost her zest for life. I could hear it in her voice and see it in her posture. She was truly stuck and in a slump.

Megan and I worked together to identify what was really important to her, to create a vision for her life and her career, and then to work out what her strengths were so she could ‘sell” herself better in interviews.

Very quickly (after only one session together!), Megan got a new job in a Communications position. She is now back to enjoying life again – following what she loves and has most certainly got back her zest for life.

Here’s what Megan said:

“I’m happy again! I’ve found my spark again! People have commented that I am back to my enthusiastic and passionate self! I’m excited about this new chapter I’ve just started and am looking forward to seeing more of my dreams becoming reality.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to take their career and life to the next stage. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Her knowledge, skills and insight, really made a difference. She loves what she does and helps others do the same.”


This is just one example…

Here’s the thing.

You’re Not Alone

Women all over Australia are grappling with the same issues. Every day I work with professional women who, just like you feel confused about what they need to do to create a career they really love.

The truth is the career market has changed.

Social media, a competitive job market and global offshoring mean the rules of career progression have changed.

These factors have made it harder than ever before to achieve job security, stand out in your industry, and gain a competitive advantage throughout your career.

Yet many of my clients are forging ahead in their careers, succeeding in breaking into new industries and even, in some cases, creating roles for themselves with organisations they want to work for.

So what’s their secret?

They know how to stand out, market themselves and leverage who and what they know to create a personal brand and reputation that makes them sought after in their field. Just like Megan.


Don’t Get Left Behind

 It’s really important you learn how to do this for yourself now, before you get left behind in your career.


Here’s The Good News

I’ve been where you are (3 times) and I know how you feel. 

I also work with women every day who are going through the same things.

So, I have taken all of the tools and techniques I have successfully used with my personal coaching clients over the last 4 years (that’s literally hundreds of people just like you) and I want to share them with you so you can be at the forefront of your industry and forge ahead in your career in 2014 and forever.

I’ll help you use these tools to your advantage to double your current career opportunities and build a profile and personal brand that will help you gain the happiness and satisfaction you want from your career.


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I’ve created The 28 Day Career Blitz to give you the edge in your career and set you apart from your competition, right now, and in the future.

For example, during The 28 Day Career Blitz you will…

  • Create a vision for your career that fits with the life you want to live
  • Gain clarity on the cross-roads you find yourself at and what to do about it
  • Understand what makes you good at what you do and different to everyone else
  • Know exactly what your transferable skills are and how to use them to get the career you want
  • Build a personal brand and profile that makes you stand out from the crowd and reflects YOU
  • Get the direction you are lacking
  • Gain the confidence to go after exactly what you want in your career
  • Learn how to build, develop and use your network to uncover hidden job and business opportunities

I’ll show you the quickest ways to make an impact in your job search or current role, or in your business.

All this, in 28 Days from the comfort of your own home.

I know you’re busy working IN your career and don’t have a lot of time to spend ON your career.

And I also know it can be very overwhelming and confusing when you don’t know what your next step should be.

You’re not alone. There are thousands of women right now who are unhappy and not doing even a fraction of what they are capable of in their career because they don’t know where to turn for advice.

That’s why I have designed The 28 Day Career Blitz in a step by step system with 4 easy to follow modules delivered through videos and with templates that you can use in your job search, current role or business straight away. 


The Best Part… 

I’ve designed The 28 Day Career Blitz to be completely affordable and within reach even if you are on a tight budget right now.

And, although it’s a 28 Day Career Blitz, you can do it as quickly as you like, or take as long as you like to complete it.

And you have lifetime access, so you can come back to it again in the future.

But first you may be wondering…


Who is Fiona Craig and Why Should You Listen To Me?


fi craigGreat question! Here’s a little about my story.

At age 16 I was pretty sure I wanted to be a journalist. I LOVED English at school, and writing, and public speaking. And I was good at them. Very good.

A teacher told me I was “too bright academically” to be a journalist and suggested I study law instead.

So I did what all ‘Good girls” do – I went along with what everyone expected of me.

5 years later I graduated with a law degree. One year before I graduated, I went to the Careers Centre, because I was sure I didn’t want to be a lawyer. They suggested nothing.

So I got a job at a prestigious law firm in Glasgow.

4 years later I moved to another prestigious law firm in Sydney (with Harbour views).

I cried every Sunday night for 3 months before leaving to start a career in recruitment.

10 years later, I got frustrated with not being able to help people find what they REALLY wanted to do with their lives and left recruitment to study Coaching and start my own Career Consultancy.

Now 4 years later, I have worked with hundreds of women, like me, and like you, who want clarity on their career direction, to be recognised for what they do, and to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.

I’ve been where you are today – 3 times. I understand how you feel.

My goal is to share my wisdom, knowledge and expertise with you to make your own career cross-roads as pain free as possible.


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Now, that you know a bit more about me let me tell you EXACTLY what you’ll achieve in the 28 Day Career Blitz.

Here are the 4 Modules You’ll Cover In The 28 Day Career Blitz.

1. Career Game Plan

Know what you want from your life and your career, and understand how to get there.

  • Understand what you really want from your life, and how your career fits into that.
  • Use my step by step formula to create an achievable 12 month goal for your career.
  • Understand what might be holding you back from success and stop it.
  • Give yourself a new blueprint for success that will allow you to move forward and achieve what you want.


Peta WilkinsonFiona led me to reach the goals “I” actually wanted to reach rather than goals or expectations of others.  These goals included refinement across personal, professional and community areas.
Her approach meant I got where I needed to go, faster and clearer.   I am stronger, resilient, more focused and flourishing for having engaged Fiona. That she was, and is, a delight to work with is a bonus!
Peta Wilkinson, Owner, Better Is Best


2. All About You

Know and be able to talk confidently about your skills, strengths and talents in any setting.

You will:

  • Understand your key skills, strengths and natural talents, which forms the foundation for all personal branding documentation, interviews, networking events and performance reviews.
  • Be confident about the transferable skills you have and understand how to use them to further your career.
  • Be clear on what you want to do more of in your career.
  • Be clear on what you want to do less of in your career.
  • Understand what motivates you and how to use that to your advantage to further your success.


Denise ChengI met Fiona through her work with the Law Society of NSW – I was impressed with her ability to connect with her audience and make complex tools and resources easy to understand, and relevant in the individual context. I sought Fiona’s guidance when considering a career change and the experience has been fantastic – she has challenged and encouraged me in the time we have worked together; giving me the extra support and confidence I needed to embrace different challenges and a new career. I value Fiona’s insight, sincerity, integrity and her friendship. I would recommend that anyone needing support to take that next step, pick up the phone and chat to Fiona today!

Denise Cheng, Partnerships Manager, YWCA, NSW


3. Brand You

Go from invisible to sought after. Learn the art of self-positioning.

Position yourself in your industry, the job market or in your current role and create a profile that makes you stand out and be noticed.

You will:

  • Know and be confident talking about your achievements to further your opportunities.
  • Walk away with a fresh and sophisticated set of personal branding documentation (offline and online) you can use for doubling existing or creating new opportunities in your career or business.
  • Understand why you MUST be on linkedin.
  • Get a linkedin template that you can use to position yourself perfectly for online connections and opportunities.
  • Get a simple, ready made cv template you can use straight away.
  • Get my step-by-step formula for writing a cover letter that gets read and gets you put to the top of the pile.
  • Get my simple easy to follow process for crafting a personal and professional “pitch” you can use in any meeting, interview, networking event or anywhere else you need to stand out.

KathrynI was at a cross roads in my career. I was not happy in my job but I felt that I was never going to find a job that really suited me. I had decided to stay where I was and build my own practice within the firm but to do that I knew I needed to learn how to market myself; something with which I was most uncomfortable.

I have learned what marketing is and how to market in a focused way. I have gained the confidence to market myself in the market place and at work because Fiona helped me to understand the value of my views and opinions. I have now found a job which really suits me and I have taken a leadership role within the firm.

Understanding the value of my views and putting them forward has increased my sense of worth and confidence and that has decreased my discomfort with marketing.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to take on the challenge of moving outside their comfort zone and explore their own potential. Kathryn Parker, Senior Lawyer, Perth

4. Double Your Opportunities

Implement the simple plans that the top 1% of career achievers use and DOUBLE your current opportunities to create the career direction, success and satisfaction you really crave.

You will:

  • Use my ready made template to create and implement a Personal Marketing Plan to secure new job, promotion, business and client opportunities now and in the next 12 months, together with a 90 day action plan.
  • Use my ready made template to map your network and create and implement a Personal Networking Plan to build, grow and leverage your network new job, promotion, business and client opportunities now and in the next 12 months, together with a 90 day action plan.
  • Use my ready made Job Search Plan to give you the structure you need to succeed in your job search now, or in the future.


Julie AllenHi Fiona,

WOW!! What a great session. A lot to take in. Not sure how I came across you the first time but very very glad.I feel like I am on track more than I have been in a very long time.

1. Booked in my babysitter – done!

2. Written my personal values down on a big sheet of paper – done!

3. Written my biz goal values down on a big sheet of paper – done!

Will be working on my 90 day plan later tonight….need to step out and get some fresh air. Didn’t go for the Chardy, had a cuppa outside on the steps. Thought I better not pick the kids up all wobbly!!!   Look forward to working with you again and moving forward to achieving my goals.  YOUR ACE! (yes stuck in 80’s but who cares.xo Thanks  Julie Allan  Biz Yourself


#1 Bonus Strengths Assessment valued at $750


 How The Program Works

You’ll get the following, immediately upon coming on board The 28 Day Career Blitz:

  • Access to an exclusive Members only site, where you can access ALL the content, at your own pace.
  • You will have lifetime membership, which means you will get access to all additional material I might post.
  • Videos supporting each module and giving you instructions on how to complete the templates and tasks in each Module of The Blitz.
  • Templates and “done for you” tools to use straight away
  • Access to an exclusive members Facebook Page where you have access to me to answer all your burning career, job search and business success questions.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Come on board and insert the 28 Day Career Blitz into your life and job. Do the exercises, attend the sessions and make it work for you. In the unlikely event that, in the 30 day period after completion of the course, you don’t get the results you want, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. And we’ll still be friends.


Here’s a summary of what you’ll do in The 28 Day Career Blitz:

  • Career Game Plan: Know what you want from your life and your career, and understand how to get there.
  • All About You: Know and be able to talk confidently about your skills, strengths and talents in any setting.
  • Brand You: Go from invisible to sought after. Learn the art of self-positioning. Position yourself in your industry, the job market or in your current role and create a profile that makes you stand out and be noticed.
  • Double Your Opportunities: Implement simple plans that the top 1% of career achievers use and DOUBLE your current opportunities to create the career direction, success and satisfaction you really crave.

In short, you’ll be learning and implementing exactly what you need to, to get your career focused and moving in the right direction again.




Transform Your Career With The 28 Day Career Blitz 

  • You’ll feel lighter than you have in ages
  • You’ll want to socialise with your friends again, because you’ll be happy that you’re taking action
  • You’ll feel relieved that things are finally moving forward for you
  • You’ll be supported and understood, from someone who’s been there (3 times) and from others going through what you are too.


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 Or call 1300 051 112 to talk about the program and how you can get started.

Please, Don’t Risk Your Happiness By Missing Out On These Tools And Support From Me To Move Your Career Forward.

I sincerely hope that what I’ve said has stirred in you the desire to be better than the rest. To take action and create the career and life success you know you deserve.

Because, if you don’t take action and move forward…

  • You’ll continue to be stuck in the same old situation, unhappy and unsatisfied…because you won’t know what else to do to move you forward.
  • You’ll constantly feel as though you’re undervalued…because you won’t know what your strengths and skills are and how to use them to propel your own success.
  • You’ll remain invisible and miss out on opportunities…because you either have no brand or a bad brand.
  • You’ll keep doing what 99% of the population do, which is fail to plan for career success…because you won’t know what and how to plan for it.

In other words, you’ll miss out on learning and implementing tried and tested tools and strategies to make your career more successful, rewarding and enjoyable on a daily basis.

And let’s be honest, your lack of clarity, happiness and success will only get worse…because the longer you delay taking action, the less engaged you become in your job, and the harder it becomes to get moving.

It’s time for you to step up and take personal responsibility for your own career and life success. No-one else CAN or WILL do it for you.

The 28 Day Career Blitz is exactly what you need to get your career on track and moving – FAST and EASILY.

I’ll see you in the program.

Love Your Work green





PS If you really want to fast-track your success, select the option to get personal coaching sessions with to accelerate your progress with the 28 Day Career Blitz.


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