SantaSanta Claus is one of the most influential characters in the world (especially at this time of year). How does he do it?

Santas Claus. Every year he has millions of people clamoring to see him, talk to him, write to him – he is certainly a man in demand and he knows the secrets of being sought after, rather than seeking. Santa has one of the best personal brands in the world!

Here are my thoughts on what Santa can teach us about creating a career to get excited about at any time of the year, not just Christmas.

Make Them Believe

The people in your life – colleagues, connections and followers – are your tribe. And the quality of your tribe contributes to the level of your career success.

As head of your tribe, your job is to help your people believe in you so they want to continue to be part of your tribe.

Santa does an amazing job of showing the value he brings – joy and happiness – so people keep believing in him, year after year.

What can you do to ensure the people around you continue to believe in you?

Keep The Dream Alive

Even when we get to an age when we know Santa isn’t real (yep – sorry to burst your bubble) there is a part of us that wants to believe he is. We don’t want to let the dream go!

People want something, and someone, to believe in. They want an escape from the day-to-day drudgery into a moment of joy and happiness where anything seems possible.

Walt Disney created dreams. Richard Branson does it too. Are you thinking too small? How would having a dream, or a vision, impact your career success? Going after something bigger than you ever dreamed of means that even if you don’t get there, you’re bound to get further than you would have without one.

Spread The Magic

Santa is the king of magic. How on earth does he deliver all those parcels, all over the world, in one night?! It’s nothing short of miraculous.

The secret to being a magician is knowing what your special powers are. What are you outstandingly good at that could make a difference to your team or your clients? Where does your magic lie? Make a point of working out where you can use your own brand of magic to not just delight, but also help you stand out.

Look After The Helpers

Where would Santa be without his reindeers and elves?

A strong team is crucial for a successful career. Work out who supports you, and make sure they know how valued they are. Not just at Christmas, but every day.


Build your own brand using some of Santa’s secrets. And this time next year, people will be eagerly awaiting the constant stream of gifts YOU bestow.



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