Business as UsualAs many of you know at the end of last year I finished treatment for breast cancer. As with any major shock in your health, it has caused me to re-appraise my approach to health and fitness.

While I will never know exactly what caused the cancer, there are two “lifestyle factors” linked to breast cancer that really stick out for me – alcohol (too much) and exercise (too little).

So in making some changes to my lifestyle surely the answer is simple, drink less and exercise more – right?

Here’s the thing. I’ve tried that before, with varying levels of success (and failure).

But now the stakes are higher, and that means to get different results for my health, I’m going to have to do things I’ve never done before. Because when something isn’t working, you have to approach it a different way.

Here’s what I am doing:

  1. I haven’t gone more than a few months without a drink since I was 18. So I am not going to drink. At all.
  2. I’ve never really measured my exercise. I got a fitbit for Christmas and it’s like a conscience on my wrist. I’m wearing it every day.
  3. I’ve never done competitive sport, and I’ve never run. So I’m going to run competitively.

For some of you these may seem like small steps. For me they are huge. I’m willing to put myself out of my comfort zone, do things I’ve never done before, with a view to getting different results for my health, and my life.

As we get stuck into 2015, will you continue on with business as usual, and most likely change nothing? Or will you go out on a limb, step outside your comfort zone and do things you’ve never done, to get results you’ve never had?

Whatever your answer, understand you are making a conscious decision – be that to keep things the same, or to change things up.

See you at the start line, and I’ll race you to the finish line


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