Slide7Understand WHY you love something, not just WHAT you love, and unlock a crucial element of career happiness.

Jamie was Denny High School’s resident rock star.

Girls loved him. The boys didn’t understand him (and hated him, because the girls loved him).

Whether he was strutting his stuff in Joseph and The Technicolour Dreamcoat or strumming his guitar in the Prefect’s Common Room, it was clear to everyone that Jamie lived for and loved music.

He was one of the few to follow his passion after school, forming a band that toured worldwide and had a reasonable level of success.

Then “real life” got the better of Jamie, and he settled into the corporate world in IT, after he got married and had a family.

Fast-forward almost 25 years and I’m having breakfast with Jamie in Melbourne, having kept in touch via social media.

After we catch up on his music career, I ask Jamie what on earth brings him to the other side of the world just for a couple of days work.

He tells me he is doing a keynote speech, on behalf of his company. And that he travels a lot, all over the world, doing keynotes.  Then he tells me how much he loves his career.

And I smile widely, and nod in understanding.

Of course he loves his career! Because he is still strutting his stuff!

He still commands attention – and the stage.

Jamie dug beneath the surface and found his true passion – performing. That’ s what gets his blood pumping and heart racing.

And he has translated that into a successful career.

To be really happy and find the joy in your work every day, it’s not always about finding your passion and turning that into a job.

You need to dig deeper and commit to understanding not just WHAT you are passionate about, but WHY you love it so much.

That allows you to choose jobs, businesses and companies that align with your core drivers. And I can guarantee that will make you happier, every day.


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