b2b2Basking in the glory of past achievements is the best way to screw up your future success.

My first boss in my recruitment job was famous for the phrase “You’re only as good as your last placement”.

In the world of recruitment – and in any sales or business development role – this is true. You can never rest on your laurels. Basking in the glory of past achievements is the best way to screw up your future success.

There’s no doubt that building a business or a practice, for yourself or anyone else, can be exhausting. Even for those who love networking, thrive on people contact, and enjoy the challenge of selling themself or a product, it can often feel a little like groundhog day.

When you feel as though you are constantly PUSHING for business, it’s particularly tough. But there comes a tipping point, when you have built your reputation and profile sufficiently in your market so that you are no longer INSIGNIFICANT, and in fact you are an INFLUENCER – this means you are now PULLING people and opportunities to you and any marketing or business development effort you make is multiplied and in fact amplified in terms of return.


Let’s be clear about this – to move from Insignificant to Influencer requires WORK. You may even find that a lot of the time it’s HARD WORK. But having the right strategies, plans and support in place to ensure your efforts are relevant, focused and leveraged will mean you get better results, faster.

To help you work out where you should focus your business development efforts, get back to basics.  What do you do really well, that you know gets results?

As an example, I know from past experience that many of my best months in business have come as a result of two things: speaking engagements where I connect with my target market; and one to one conversations where I spend time listening and adding value to the person across the table from me.

So in June, that’s my focus – do as many speaking engagements as I can, and overdose on caffeine in coffee meetings.  It will require work – lots of it! But I know it’s focused effort and I know it’s leveraged as I have past evidence that it gets results.

When you need to get back to basics in business development, what should your activities be? What do you do really well, that works?
Relieve the constant pressure of business development and secure your future success by going back to basics and focusing on simple strategies that you know work for you.  Not only will you lessen your stress-levels, you might just make some money smiley





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