Aim to be known to everyone, even if you don’t know everyoneThe difference between being the person who is seeking and the person who is sought after lies in your ability to be able to influence outcomes and people. 

Charm Offensive

I know someone who once met Bill Clinton. She told me he was the consummate professional – even though they were in a room with over 100 people, Bill remembered her name and used it, constantly while talking. She told me that he held eye-contact, was relaxed, smiling and downright charming.While we may not all have shaken hands with a former US President, we’ve all met some variation of the traits they share. The person who is confident, yet not over-powering; who seems to know just the right thing to say, at just the right time; and who does not necessarily know everyone but, importantly, is known to everyone.

Influencing Your Outcome

One of the key success ingredients shared by Bill Clinton and those who share similar traits is their ability to influence outcomes and people.Negotiating a pay-rise or a promotion, signing a new client, getting your team engaged and productive – even getting your kids to eat more veggies – none of this happens without using your ability to influence the people and the outcome.I hear lots of my clients tell me they are “just not a sales-person” or they “hate selling”. This is a fundamental error and a belief that will only hold you back – we are ALL selling something, because ultimately selling is all about influencing the outcome.Let me be even clearer: every action you take, document you draft, thing you create, conversation you have at work is selling something – and most of the time that something is YOU.Influencing is not a single conversation. It’s not like your Raceday Fascinator – to be pulled out and worn one day a year in November, then thrown to the back of the cupboard when you don’t need it anymore.Influencing is and should be inherent in everything you do. In last week’s blog I talked about personal branding and standing out – your personal brand is an integral piece in your overall ability to influence people and outcomes.No matter what profession you are in or business you run, understanding, learning and harnessing the skill of influencing will have a bigger impact on your career and business success than virtually any other skill.  

Choosing to invest in improving your powers of influence is something you will never regret and in fact it is one of the key ways you will accelerate your career and get the income and success you want.

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