never about the moneyMoney has the capacity to make – and break – us. Don’t ask what you will do with the money. Instead, ask what it will do for you.

If you say money is not important chances are that at best, you’re kidding yourself, and at worst, you’re lying to yourself.

Cost of living is on the rise, and we have been conditioned to expect that as we progress through our career and our life, our standard of living will also continue to rise. And that’s why money is important. But it’s not the only reason.

Money is literally a currency – and it allows you to be, do and have what you want. Money is also, often, seen as a representation of what you have worked hard to achieve. Importantly, in the majority of corporate cultures, money is  viewed as a form of recognition.

Recent statistics in the US show that even in the current record levels of unemployment, more than 2 million Americans are voluntarily leaving their jobs each month. A recent study by Accenture reports these are the main reasons people leave their job:

1) They don’t like their boss (31%),

2) A lack of empowerment (31%),

3) Internal politics (35%) and

4) Lack of recognition (43%).

So, while the salary increase or the bonus might be nice, and might allow you a bit more security and more choices, ultimately, it’s more about what the increase or the bonus represents: recognition of your hard work, contribution and your worth or true value, to the company.

Next time you’re feeling unsatisfied at work and want to have a conversation with your boss/coach/colleague, or even yourself, don’t say “It’s not about the money”  It is about the money. Don’t accept less than you are worth. If you deserve it, demand it. Don’t be a push-over when it comes to salary increases and bonus reviews. Be smart and strategic about how you do it, but be prepared to stand up and ask to be valued fully for all that you have achieved, and all that you bring to your organisation. 


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